Anthony Hopkins: He Ran A Bakery

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Anthony Hopkins has touched the world with so many of his roles. People know him as Hannibal Lector, William Parrish, and Odin, but don 't know a multitude of things that make him even more interesting. Here are more facts about the man that remain to be rather unknown in the public.

Number Eight: Anthony Hopkins Is Dyslexic

Not many people know that Anthony Hopkins is Dyslexic, meaning that he often has difficulty reading. Even though he has this disability, he remains to be someone who memorizes extremely well, which has been wonderful for his career.

Number Seven: He Ran a Bakery

When Anthony Hopkins was very young, he helped his parents with their business. On a daily basis, he could aid them by helping them run the bakery shop.

Number Six: He 's a
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Number Four: He 's Not a Talented Horseback Rider

When the actor was working on the set of The Lion in Winter, Hopkins fell off of a horse, breaking his arm as a result. They had to break filming while he recovered in the hospital.

Number Three: The Story Behind the Reward

Most people know that the actor won an Academy Award for his role in The Silence of the Lambs, but there 's more to the story than that. The day that he accepted his award was the same day that his father died, only 11 years after the event.

Number Two: He Fights Type Casting

A year after the man 's success playing the famous cannibal, he purposely chose to play Professor Van Helsing in the 1992 production of Dracula since it was so different than the other role. He did this in order to fight being type casting.

Number One: He Began Acting for a Girl

In an interview, Anthony Hopkins has stated that one of the reasons why he decided to act was so that he could meet a certain actress. Claire Bloom was this actress, who is most known for her work in the production of 1952 production of Limelight. Anthony Hopkins is certainly an extraordinary man. Hopefully these facts have shown just a few reasons why more people should look up
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