Anthony Speech In Julius Caesar

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Out of the three speeches from Brutus, Antony and Lyndon Johnson. Antony speech effectively achieve his purpose to the point where he was able to open people's eyes. on march 15, 44 BC Julius Caesar was murdered by a man named Brutus. Brutus was a man who is jealous of Julius Caesar and would do anything to be in his place.on March 15th 44 BC brutis went to Julius Caesar and murdered him . the people of Rome came together to see what was going on ,Brutus came up to the stage and started talking about how he had to kill Julius Caesar because he was too ambitious. He was trying to make it sound like Caesar Lied about everything.then ceaser best friend Anthony came out on the stage with his body. The crowd was going crazy antony silence the…show more content…
in brutus speach he stated that caesar was ambitious but in Anthony's speech he stated this to show that Brutus what's wrong . “You all did see that on the lupercal i thrice presented him a kingly crown, which he did thrice refuse. Anthony was showing the people that if he was so ambitious thin why didn't caesar take the crown. No man of that kind would ever let something go like that. antony also stated ,’’come i to speak in caesar’s funeral he was my friend, faithful and just to me” . antony wanted to Explain to the people of rome that he knew ceaser more that everyone ever could and because of that When someone else says a lie about Caesar he can stand up for him because of the truth they had for each other. because they were such best friends antony wanted to protect his friend even if he is dead. In Anthonys speech he showed a lot of emotions. the way I knew this was when he stated “ My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause till it comes back to me .And Brayden is a speech he is letting the audience see his emotions . he is pouring out his heart as showing how much he misses his friend. with British his speech he is just give excuses of why he murdered
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