Anthony Williams Family Counseling Case Study

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Anthony Williams age 15 years old is alleged to have gained entry into Elm Elementary School without consent and was found with Elm Elementary School laptops in his backpack. Anthony has multiple risk factors which include poverty, school problems. family problems, drug and alcohol abuse(Siegel, 2014, p.3). Anthony is showing signs of recidivism. Having just completed probation Anthony Williams is clean from drugs and alcohol which has been a big risk factor for him(Stearns 8/24). He has previously broken into one other residence and a gas station as stole items. Anthony Williams currently has no contact with his mother or his father due to the health problems of his father and the legal problems with his mother. Anthony currently lives with his two grandparents but they are unable to…show more content…
Family problems and poverty cause Anthony to be an at-risk youth(Stearns 9/14). Currently, Anthony Williams is seen as a threat to society and will complete community service to better his image and connection with his community(Stearns 9/21). Anthony Williams should be placed on probation lasting 2 years which will require a curfew of 9 pm as a community treatment(Siegel, 2014, p.382). To be sure that the rules of probation are being followed and that Anthony is attending his classes and community service electronic monitoring should be put in place for the first year of his probation. Most offenses juveniles commit are done in the hours right after school gets out(OJJDP, 2014). Anthony shows that his offenses are committed after a certain time so electronic monitoring should be intensive. With this electronic monitoring, Anthony Williams should be to remain at home during specified periods with random phone calls and or visits by the probation officer to be sure Anthony is adhering to his probation (Siegel,2013,

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