Anthro 3211: Test Your Knowledge

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Da-Nisha Mitchell Anthro 3211 Test Your Knowledge Chapter 3 1.Judge or Jury who listens to tell if statements are true. 2.Evidence is anything, objects, witness that are used to make a defendant guilty or Innocent. 3.Circumstantial, conclusive, conflicting and exculpatory 4.Evidence used to make the defendant look Innocent 5.Looking at what is left behind; events, evidence. 6.A direct transfer is when it goes to the source like a drug dealer selling drugs to someone. An indirect transfer is where it has a few different stops before it is stationary. Like a drug dealer selling drugs to someone, but then that person selling them again. 7.It is when evidence remains in a area until it is moved again or degraded 8.I do think so. Lets say that we have fibers that have transferred from a…show more content…
9.The origin and size of an 3d item 10.After a final survey is completed. This is done after the scene has been searched completely and documented correctly. 11.This is a material safety data sheet that tells what the hazards of the item are, and how to work safely with it. 12.At least 2 people from different areas of expertise should do a walk through 13.Distance, the name of the person who did it, date, time, location. Weather, lighting, dimensions of objects/room size, and a arrow pointing to magnetic north. 14.Both. They can help with reconstruction later. 15.Bloodborne pathogens 16.You should wear neoprene gloves for bases and polyvinyl chloride gloves for oils. 17.This is when you are required to treat all blood or bodily fluids as if they are infected. 18.Because everything must be precise and accurate, because once something is done it can not be undone. 19.A search warrant, communication between different agencies (lab technicians, medical examiner, etc). There is also paperwork that needs to be done before hand, and a agreed upon

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