Anthropogenic Climate Change Causes

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What is the immense concern: The cause or consequences of anthropogenic climate change?


1. Causes of Anthropogenic Climate Change
1.1 Greenhouse gases
1.1.1 Greenhouse gases emitted by human activity Pg.3
1.1.2 Green House gas increasing Pg.3
1.1.3 The Green House Blanket Pg.4

2. The consequences and effects 2.1 Rising Sea level Pg.5 2.2 Shrinking ice sheets and declining Arctic ice Pg.6+7 2.3 Ocean Acidification Pg.7+8

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1. Causes of Anthropogenic Climate Change
1.1Greenhouse gases

1.1.1 The atmosphere is a layer surrounding the Earth held in place by gravity that is primarily made up of 78 percent Nitrogen, 21 percent Oxygen, with water vapour and a variety of gasses making up the remainder. Over the last three centuries, ever since the Industrial
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This is known as temperature dependant sex determination. This changes their breeding patterns, and could further threaten populations, which have been experiencing a decline in recent years. Sex ratios are already strongly female biased; therefore if the climate changes continuously forcing the sex ratios biased, diversity and overall ability to reproduce effectively will be lost. The solution is heavy shade associated with natural vegetation at hatching sites which will provide conditions suitable for male production, since males develop under cooler
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