Anthropological Research Methods

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Research methodology: Research is a systematic and unbiased search for knowledge. Its overall aim is to verify established relationships in different situations, formulate hypothesis and text their validity, and to interpret the test results for drawing inferences and conclusions. For doing all these researcher should follow some methods and techniques. [Abedin, 2005] Research methodology is a vital part of any kind of research. In anthropological research, this method is used to collect the information and is considered the core part of a research. By using the methods, one researcher can get the outcome. A method or methodology is the underlying principles and rules of organization of a philosophical system or inquiring procedure.…show more content…
In the anthropological research, researcher usually uses some established methods like- participant observation, focused group discussion (FGD), census and techniques like key informant interview, structural interview, non-structural interview, ease study, cheek list and many other methods. Among the established methods participant observation is considered the central and core method in anthropological research. It is also said that the participant observation is the method which makes anthropological research different from other social science…show more content…
Case study 3. Open ended interview Informal Interview I conducted my research on Medicalisation of childbirth; its socio cultural context and impacts on women health. Informal interview had been used as another great source of data collection for the study. As from informal interview some important information such as types of physical complexities at post birth period, decision making in birth, socio-economic factors associated with childbirth and other information regarding childbirth are collected from women. It also helped me to run my study in right way. Case Study Method Case study method was one of the most important sources of data collection for this research. It provides some substantial amount of important information within the timeframe relevant to the topics. Many vague conceptions, practices and beliefs, factors and their consequences were acquired from case study method. Open ended interview An open ended interview is a way of gathering information from people. I collected Women’s experiences and associated issues of birth within method. It also helped me to capture women’s feelings, emotions, and their sufferings of birth. 1.8.3 Data analysis and

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