Anthropology And Human Rights Essay

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3 What is Anthropology? 3
. Human rights: 4
Relationship between Anthropology and Human rights: 4
There are the followings rights for human beings such as: 5
The human rights in Pakistan point of view : 6
. Human rights as view from Gilgit baltistan: 7
Gilgilt Baltistan: 7 Human Rights in Gilgit Baltistan: 7
Violence against woman 7
Force marriages in Gilgit Baltistan: 7
Gender discrimination: 8
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A human rights are using in institution to protect the human of dead. The use of human rights is frameworks to restore the violators. There are the subfields which reflects on anthropological methodologies and theories as well as social and political relate question of our time. The human rights of theory and practice have come to form the foundation for a variety of initiatives which is including international development for examples community conflict resolution, gender equality, truth, education, civil society projects, and the protection of children, cross-culture and comparative perceptions. It also draws upon debates that have infused classic political and ethical theory: the nature of the just society; the rights of individuals and of collectives; the forms and content of democracy; the nature of social rights and social obligations. Thus, among the goals of this secondary field will be providing students with a solid grounding in the philosophical underpinnings of human rights, preparing them to critically analyze current debates in the theory and practice of human…show more content…
Human Rights in Gilgit Baltistan:
In Gilgit Baltistan people are facing many problems due to lack of awareness more ever in backwards areas people has deprived from human rights.
• Violence against woman
Violence against women in the northern areas is the major factors especially in backwards areas of Gilgit baltistan. The fundamental rights of human are not given to them. Mostly females are affected by these issues. Many of married women are hitting from their husbands. Women are facing many problems to fulfill their basic needs because incomes of their husbands. People didn’t give the rights to woman in our society because of violence.
• Force marriages in Gilgit Baltistan:
According to Islam and history the women’s have rights to marry by her own will, but in GB some backwards areas girls should not marriage to their own will this is the issue which influence on their life and then she will take a step to suicide
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