Anthropology Of A Hindu Wedding

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A Hindu wedding is a spiritual event including both the bride and grooms side of the family. There could be many as 1,000 people who attend the event to celebrate the groom and bride (Perry,1). Aside with, “My culture is very much my family and also it is important to the family how the wedding is done in certain ways that they think honors certain traditions”(YouTube,4). A Hindu wedding also consists of symbolic anthropology and a source of Neo-Marxist anthropology. They also have a deep meaning of symbolic and often times it is important to follow a tradition that their parents or grandparents followed. A Hindu wedding is not only the marriage of two people, but of both families and both of their businesses.

Symbolic Anthropology:
There are many rituals leading up to the wedding along with the ceremony celebrations. One of the celebrations they perform is the Haldi Ceremony, which is what the bride and groom participant in. In the ritual, family members put turmeric paste on the bride and groom individually. The bride and groom are both traditionally dressed in yellow. They are not allowed to see one another before the wedding but because times have fallen into more modern traditions, they do anyway. (Youtube 4) The turmeric paste is made out of turmeric, rose water, and sandalwood powder. (Agarwal, 1). It spiritually purifies the bride and groom while also surrounding them in blessing and wards of the evil eye, plus it has beauty benefits such as evening out skin tone

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