Anthropomorphism In How Stories Came To Earth

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“Spider only wanted to know, “What is the price of the stories?” This quote from “How Stories Came to Earth” is an example of anthropomorphism found in both “How Stories Came to earth” and “Coyote steals fire.” There are multiple similarities and differences in both of these tales, the similarities being use of anthropomorphism, characters personality, appearance of gods, and use of the stories to explain natural and cultural events. The differences are the way women are portrayed, the attitude of the gods, the way in which the trickster goes about achieving his goals, and why the trickster is chasing their goal. “How Stories Came to Earth” and “Coyote Steals Fire” Have many similarities. The first being the use of anthropomorphism, in “How…show more content…
The first being the way in which women are portrayed. In “How Stories Came to Earth” women are seen as equal to men while in “Coyote Steals Fire” women are seen as less than men. In “How Stories Came to Earth” Anansi is reliant upon his wife for ways to capture the animals which shows it wasn’t a big deal for men to ask their wives for advice. In “Coyote Steals Fire” it can be inferred that women are less than men because when Coyote and Thunder-god are playing the game the dice have teeth carved in them and if the male tooth comes up it counted as two points, but when female teeth came up they only counted as one point. The second difference is the attitude of the gods when they are defeated. In “How stories Came to earth” the sky-god is willing to hand over the reward because Anansi followed through with the deal and captured all the animals. In “Coyote Steals Fire” although thunder knew Coyote cheated, he still reacted violently and tried to kill him. The third difference is the way in which the tricksters go about achieving their goals. In “How Stories Came To earth” Anansi uses his wife's ideas to trap the animals and bring them to the sky-god. In “Coyote Steals Fire” coyote cheats at the game he is playing with thunder in order to win the fire. The final Difference is the reasons why the trickster is chasing their goal. In “How Stories Came to Earth” Anansi wants the stories so that they may be shared with everyone. In
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