Anti-American Influence On Black Friday

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In today’s World, we best represent a preschool and I say this because the world is basically a whole bunch of crying toddlers fighting over the slices of cake. Now while fighting is a problem the bigger problem is sharing. (not sharing cake because that would never happen but sharing recipes aka cultures ideas and media) This problem is caused by a few toddlers(Core countries) that are a little too eager to share. Namely The united states England Canada and Australia. This over-eagerness to share can cause problems for toddlers that maybe aren't as developed such as the periphery countries. (Egypt Greece Poland etc.). This stampede of information sometimes overruns the existing cultures which lead to an anti-core but mostly anti-American attitude from the younger (peripherally…show more content…
This branch of globalization (recipe sharing) is called (Am·e·ri·can·i·za·tion: the action of making a person or thing American in character or nationality). To this end, we are going to look at the influence of Americanization on shopping. Specifically, on black Friday. Now with my father being British British holidays area must in my house guy faux day and boxing day are regulars. Unfortunately, with the spread of Americanization guy faux day is getting replaced by Halloween even though the British don't celebrate Thanksgiving they now celebrate Black Friday. It all started about four years ago when some stores in Britain declared the first Black Friday. It went over like a
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