Anti Bourgeoisie And Dadaism

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Dadaism was an avant-garde movement that originated in Zürich, Switzerland in the early 20th century. Switzerland was neutral during the Great War, but Dada artists were disgusted by the social, cultural, and political structures of the time that were lead by the bourgeoisie. The goal of Dada artists was to oppose bourgeois sensibilities, and they were the first group of artists to create art not to be aesthetically pleasing, but to question the role of the artist in society. Not only was Dada art anti-bourgeoisie, it was anti-war. Dadaism was so anti-bourgeoisie, they were even against themselves. A common slogan among Dada artists was “Dada is anti-Dada”. Many Dadaists believed that bourgeois captialism and logical thinking was the root of
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