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Reality of Anti-Depressant Use It may startle you to know that of every mental disorder in the United States of America, anxiety disorders are the most common (“Anxiety”). “Anxiety is often a health response to uncertainty and danger, but constant worry and nervousness can be a sign of another trouble, internal rather than external” (“Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Toxic Worry” 1). There are many adolescents who struggle with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression and take anti-depressants to help them cope, but the safety of such drugs on developing bodies is debatable. Anxiety is a horrible fear of something you could never put into words or describe (“Anxiety”). For many people with anxiety, the fear of not knowing when and where…show more content…
In the argument against adolescent use of anti-depressants, it is argued that anti-depressants are not able to change a person’s depression and anxiety into something normal (“Anti-Depressant Drugs” 1). The Food and Drug Administration at the same time, requires a label stating that the use of SSRI’s at an age of under 18 make you more likely for suicidal effects be put on all medications. It is also said that there has been research in Great Britain and the United States showing that people using SSRI’s can become more dependent and have extreme suicidal actions (“Anti-Depressant Drugs” 1). With dependence the dosage of a certain medication is likely to go up for the patient to get the same outcome of the drug as they originally did. “Drowsiness, clumsiness, memory loss, delay onset, nausea, headache, upset stomach, drug interactions, dry mouth, heart rhythm disturbances, blurred vision, constipation, weight gain, insomnia, increased blood pressure with higher dosages, and sexual problems,” are all effects of assorted anti-anxiety drugs” (“Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Toxic Worry” 4). The only worry that parents should have with having their child take anti-depressants to treat anxiety is the suicide rate. Parents should learn to sit down with their child and discuss the effects and their feelings of child about the drugs. If the child decides that it is best to take the drugs…show more content…
Supporters of anti-depressants argue that there is no such proof that anti-depressants are linked to suicide in teenagers or children under the age of 18 (“Anti-Depressant Drugs” 1). While there is research being done trying to prove this statement wrong or right, there are people benefiting from the great effects of these drugs. A variety of drugs have these advantages in helping coup with anxiety attack, “ immediate relief, few side effects, little drowsiness, no abuse danger, no sexual problems, may act more quickly” (“Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Toxic Worry” 4). As previously stated a medication is only harmful when the user does not use the medication properly (“Survey Reveal Teen Prescription-Drug Abuse on the Rise”). The truth in that statement cannot be stressed enough. Medications need to be monitored and used correctly to ensure the health of the individual. If a person is on the verge of depression because of their anxiety, their best hope is a prescription drug. If the drug is abused the outcome would be what they originally had felt, most common depression. Suicidal thoughts would begin to take place, all because the medication had not been effective as the user didn’t affectively take the drug as ordered. If a death was to occur the medication would most likely not be to blame but the way the user had been taking the medication and not communication with their

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