Antidepressants And Depression

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Throughout many different studies, anti-depressants have been proven to help improve depression in people. Anti-depressants are drugs used in the treatment of mood disorders, such as depression, to alleviate symptoms so that they may live a normal life. They have been proven to cause improvement in depressed pregnant or postpartum women, help with bipolar depression and lower suicide rates. With the help of these studies, I will be arguing in favor of the idea that anti-depressants are drugs that are able to help improve people who are going through mood disorders such as depression. The first study prepared by the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center’s investigators which included: McDonagh, Matthers, Phillipi, Romm, Peterson,…show more content…
In the study, the objective was to find the association between antidepressants medication prescriptions and the suicide rate. The experiment was broken down by age, sex, income and race for this time period (Gibbons). The two groups in this experiment were those who did take antidepressants for their depression and those who did take the drug. The limitations that arose in this experiment were proven to be that some medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors caused the opposite effect of those who had…show more content…
In order to decrease the number of symptoms from depression, many people often go to therapy or take drugs. However, antidepressants have been proven to be effective when used in those who have depression. Antidepressants are an excellent method to fighting depression, which in turn can lower suicide rates.

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