Anti-Discrimination Against Age Discrimination

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In a fair and utopist society no anti-discrimination laws would be needed, because people and organizations would be hiring and dismissing employees based on their best qualification and potential, without prejudice and classification and therefore without discrimination. In such a society there would be no need for differentiating people into classes, because everyone would find the job that fits his or her best abilities and potential. In such a perfect and purely idealistic society anti-discrimination would need no training because people would act naturally and instinctively in a kind and caring way of the fair treatment of everyone. In such a utopist society anti-discrimination laws would not be even considered nor needed, because people…show more content…
The same exception to age discrimination is allowed when an organization is providing training classes or creating other initiatives targeting a specific age group. Cases of age discrimination can also be justified when employment is refused to a person too young. For example, a 17 years old man’s application for a job on a construction site, or other dangerous facilities, may be refused because accident statistics show that it can be dangerous for young inexperienced people. Specific financial services to targeted age groups, or the categorization of age groups for insurances purposes, are also allowed and have the purpose of targeting insurance and financial products based on needs as well as assessing risk. A life insurance for a person over 80 years of age will surely comply a higher risk than the same insurance for a person below the age of 30 and will therefore have different costs. Generally speaking, age discrimination is permitted, provided that the organization demonstrates that there is a good reason for the discrimination (Equality and Human Right Commission,…show more content…
Also older employees sometimes are less flexible compared to younger ones because of their schedules, families and a less flexible life-style. Some employers also prefer employing people that can discard easily without remorse or concerns. Another sad cause is that an employer may think of an older person as lessworth investing into.
On the other hand, what companies often fail to consider is that older employees are often an advantage because they offer a range of experience and accountability that are not found in younger ones. Also, they tend to remain in the company for longer periods as they are more consistent

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