Anti-Discriminatory Practice

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In this essay, I will be describing how anti- discriminatory practice is promoted in health and social care. Letting clients using health and social care services and allowing them to have their own say and make their own decisions and social care professional respecting that promote anti-discriminatory practice. This helps make individuals feel empowered.
National initiatives are made to make sure individuals using health and social care services are treated fairly e.g. someone could be treating a disabled person the way you would treat a normal person and just because they are disabled doesn't mean they must be treated differently and they are useless they should be treated with dignity and respect. One of the key National initiatives is
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Even if this effects them in the long term and their health gets worse or the problem comes back as far as they are concerned, it is their decision and it is the right decision. In health and social care, the staff should do everything to help patients this could be providing a book for a blind person with Braille. This is also a part of their work contact to help them as much as possible and make them feel worthy. As health and social care professionals, they must also help make individuals feel empowered by encouraging them to do well and to be independent. In health and social care setting they must also help apply certain aspects around individual’s environment to help their individuals needs or if a group have the same needs to make sure they are treated fairly.
The impact of a national policy initiative that promotes anti-discriminatory is the Age Discrimination Act 2006 and since this act was passed, it has been unlawful for employers and others to discriminate against a person on the basic of his/her age. This applies to jobs, promotion, training and employment.
The difficulties that may arise when implementing anti-discriminatory practice in health and social care settings, which could be that someone could try and override the national initiatives as they feel their own personal issues which could be homophobia and they need to be more educated to know what is the right way to deal with it and that way it will be dealt
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