Anti Doping In Sports

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Introduction Ever since human beings started being engaged in competitive sports, they have worked hard to gain an advantage over their adversaries. After all, it is the desire of any person in a competition to emerge the winner in any sport. Through these activities, it is not surprising that athletics agencies all over the world have periodically recorded cases of athletes who make use of enhancing drugs as a way of gaining an advantage over their competitors. While the histories of using enhancement drugs in sports have gained a lot of attraction all over the world, doping is the most controversial and most prominent issue in modern sports (Voss et al, 2013). However, sports agencies and organizations have come up with counter- activities…show more content…
However, the works of anti-doping in sports in present times involves issue focused agencies, governmental bodies, community groups, concerned people and the expertise of researchers and professionals drawn from varied fields. According to Alexander (2013), the issue of anti- doping has been met with a lot of problems particularly those which are social in nature with links to the public sector. Other constraints to this issue find their roots on issues such as funding and regulations basing on the weak policies established by the bodies concerned. With the evolutions and emerging twists in the problems associated with doping, this subject has been met with a lot of…show more content…
It was prominently used by the South African Zulu fighters who took the elixir as a stimulant and an enhancer. While the world of sports did not use this term in early days of professional sporting, the idea of using special means as a way of gaining an advantage in sports competitions was in existence even in those days. Athletes made use of specialized meal portions and special drinks with the innate belief that they would act as boosters in their sporting activities. For instance, in ancient Greece, Galen, the Greek physician got the reputation of prescribing the rear hooves obtained from the Abyssinian ass which was produced by grinding, boiling in oil then flavoring with rose hips and petals with the view that they

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