Anti Federalist Government

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Since the beginning of its creation America has been known as being the land of the free. The Anti-Federalist movement was the only way America would have kept its founding principles, and prevent the monarchy like Federalist movement from occurring, thus saving Americans freedom.
Those that would be representatives in government of the United States would be composed of the rich. The rich only have their own best interests in mind and thus, silence those they are meant to be representing. This is the cycle that the people have been trying to escape and ultimately leads to tyranny.
The constitution's necessary and proper clause is too vague and is all up to the interpretation of the government. This may lead to no limits for those in charge,
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They should understand their circumstances and their troubles. Therefore, the number of representatives should be so large that both rich and poor people will choose to be representatives.If the number of representatives is small, the position will be too competitive. Ordinary people will not attempt to run for office. A middle-class yeoman (farmer) will never be chosen. So, the government will fall into the hands of the few and the rich. This will be a government of oppression.The rich consider themselves above the common people, entitled to more respect. They believe they have the right to get anything they…show more content…
But there is no such thing here. You therefore by a natural and unavoidable implication, give up your rights to the General Government. Your own example furnishes an argument against it. If you give up these powers, without a Bill of Rights, you will exhibit the most absurd thing to mankind that ever the world saw--A Government that has abandoned all its powers--The powers of direct taxation, the sword, and the purse. You have disposed of them to Congress, without a Bill of Rights--without check, limitation, or control. And still you have checks and guards--still you keep barriers--pointed where? Pointed against your weakened, prostrated, enervated State Government! You have a Bill of Rights to defend you against the State Government, which is bereaved of all power; and yet you have none against Congress, though in full and exclusive possession of all power! You arm yourselves against the weak and defenseless, and expose yourselves naked to the armed and powerful. Is not this a conduct of unexampled absurdity? What barriers have you to oppose to this most strong energetic Government? To that Government you have nothing to oppose.
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