Anti Federalists Dbq Essay

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During the ratification of the debate of Constitution of the United States, there were two groups that played a major role during the time. Federalists supported the ratification of the Constitution. They were mostly conservative wealthy landowners or former loyalists. Some of the well-known Federalist during this time were George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. Anti-Federalists on the other hand opposed the ratification of the constitution, and they were in favor of the Articles of Confederation since it was less government and the states still maintained their sovereignty. Most Anti-Federalists were in the working class, debtors, poor, and people living in the backcountry or rural areas. The well-known Anti-Federalists at this time were Patrick Henry and Sam Adams. Federalists and Anti-Federalist were different in many ways and each believed that their form of government was best for them and the United States, but money played a big role in their decisions also. Document A, written by James Madison, supports Federalism. It talks about how to remove a faction and how to cure its outcomes. Factions are temporary political alliances created over a specific issue. Madison is warning the people of the colonies about the danger of political parties, and the chaos they would bring. Madison also says…show more content…
The author believes that a nation’s ruler should be held to certain laws. When it comes to a President though, he fells that they can use the military however they want to benefit themselves. The President would be able to break any rule in office if he would ever to be in trouble, since he would have the military there to back him up. The Author would rather have a King who has to follow guidelines, just like the common people, though not the same rules. A King doesn’t truly control the army, and the author is afraid of what would happen with a national republic and what the consequences would ultimately
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