What Is Anti-Feminism In A Californian's Tale

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Anti-Feminism is when the women are objectified , disrespected , or belittled . In many patriarchal communities women are not given the rights and opportunities which has led to a movement known as feminism , nowadays , the term feminism is used when men and women are equal in their rights , opportunities and men are women are equally free , on the other hand , the term anti-feminism now talks about the woman being below the man , the woman being objectified and being used , women not being as free as men which often happens in patriarchal societies . The story “ A Californian’s Tale “ ignores the female issues during the horror of economic failure through objectifying Henry’s wife , the image of the wife and being nameless , and the frame .

The first reason why the story “A Californian’s Tale” seems to be anti-feminist is through objectifying Henry’s wife. Through out the story the wife seems to be compared to many different objects , or sometimes the objects in the story symbolize the wife . The first example that comes to mind , is Henry using his wife as a bait . When Henry wants the narrator
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The frame containing the picture of the wife is very deep and various in meaning , for example , the idea of putting her in a frame is to objectify the woman , even though it might show affection and love of Henry to the wife , the symbol of it shows the complete opposite , by framing his wife he is limiting her , and not giving her freedom and tranquility , it also shows how he wants her to always stay under his wing and does not want her to be free even after her death . And by that the narrator is showing us that she was not given her freedom , she was not that important in the eye of Henry , and that she was not equal to Henry , which proves the anti-feminism in the story . To sum up , the frame , of the picture has played a decent role in showing the anti-feminism in the story
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