Anti Fracking Research Paper

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We live in a Brave New World, time like absolutely no other; a time when we are desensitized and overstimulated all at once. We celebrate the athlete as a hero instead of the soldier fighting on the battle fields. Kids are growing up with television characters instead of characters in classic novels. And Hollywood actors have traded their scripts for political soap boxes. The royals of the entertainment world have chosen to use acceptance speeches, concerts and talk shows as their personal lobbying headquarters. It seems as though no subject is taboo. The most recent ‘cause’ that has these self-proclaimed nobility up in arms is…yes, you guessed it; Fracking. In 2012, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon formed an advocacy group Artists Against Fracking (A.A.F). Shortly after its conception the movement had over 200 prominent signatories. Alec Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, David Geffen and Anne Hathaway are among those lobbying for anti-fracking laws. In New York, A.A.F erected billboards and organized letter-writing campaigns to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Ono and Lennon with actress Susan Sarandon chartered a luxury tour bus to Dimock, a…show more content…
What The Frack, an anti-fracking video campaign showcasing an array of entertainers, including Lance Bass, Daryl Hannah, Hayden Panettiere, Marissa Tormei and Wilmer Valderrama, recently received a rebuttal from the common man. “Celebrities; You don’t know what the Frack you are talking about” was the Western Alliance’s response. This video features no celebrities, just folks who appear to work in the oil and gas industry touting fracking’s safety record and importance of providing low cost energy to homes all across the U.S specifically at a time when Americans need a break. They point out that fracking has been used for over six decades. The “frack and forth” is the direct result of environmental groups crying wolf about expanding energy technologies in states like Colorado,tSorry Hollywood, this is not a movie, it’s the
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