Anti Gun Control Debate

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The government has many responsibilities to keep and protect the basic rights of its citizens as well as to make new laws to ensure their safety or well-being. The government is expected to keep everybody safe especially in the area of gun control. The government as well as the people of the United States always debate over the second amendment. Everybody tries to figure out if it grants freedom of gun ownership to every common citizen of the United States. The stand on the issue for the past 70 years about the second amendment granted all of the rights only to militia was recently challenged by Attorney General John Ashcroft. In 2002, Ashcroft wrote “the Second Amendment more broadly protects the rights of individuals…to possess and bear their own firearms (hardy).” The rewriting of this amendment earned a lot of praise for the pro-gun activists and rallied…show more content…
The American citizens are the very core of the social side of the debate. The social side approaches with society and its citizens either working for or against gun control laws. In the United States we all know that laws are only enacted on through vote of the people. That is why society is such a powerful force in the gun control debate. (hardy) (cornell) The gun control people of the United States come in every size, color and shape. It is constantly being said that violent crimes need to stop now! They are focused on taking the guns from the criminals and stop all the random acts of violence happening on our streets and small towns. I don’t think all these gun control citizens understand the true meaning of a criminals mind and how it works. I think a criminal is a criminal whether they have a gun or not. They would both break the law so why wouldn’t they break the law to carry a gun. So I also wonder most of the time criminals don’t seem to fight other criminals but instead the law abiding citizens. Is that because they know the normal citizen is not packing and that the other
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