Anti Immigration Research Paper

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One of the most popular topics today in politics is immigration. Immigration is the process of a person or a group of people moving to a new location with the intention of living there. People often feel very strongly on their views on the matter. Many people are pro-immigration in the United States because they support the idea of the U.S. being the cultural melting pot of the world and because it will improve the immigrants’ overall quality of life. However, many people are anti-immigration due to their concern for safety and the economic health of their country. Views on immigration vary widely because there is a plethora of factors at work that make every individuals experience regarding the issue is different. Firstly, immigration supporters believe the process fuels cultural diversity, provides political asylum, and financial opportunities. Cultural diversity allows for the…show more content…
Immigrants change the population affecting things like taxes, and job availability, and crime rates. First, taxes often increase as a result of immigrants needing government assistance to begin their new lives. Tax payers are put under financial strain when left with the bill and are compensating for the population that cannot provide for themselves. Many unemployed Americans get frustrated with the idea of foreigners taking their job because as Americans, they feel they should have priority. Lastly, people are often skeptical and cautious of immigrants because terrorism is becoming more common and trends show that when immigration goes up, so do the crime rates. Often times, criminals escape prosecution by fleeing to other counties, such as the United States. Anti-immigration supporters are apprehensive, but it’s not outside of reason. Immigrations has its pros and cons, but it is ultimately up to the individual to weigh the effects it will have on their life and decide which side they are
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