Anti Imperialism Essay

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In being an anti-imperialist the worrisome is not that one opposes the idea of expansion of religion, commercial, and constitutional. It’s that with the annexing of these tropical islands would come to a result of the American system of self government would be that America might abandon this idea that makes America that nation it is to this point. Three reasons why the U.S should avoid imperialism is because it fails to follow that criteria of the constitution, could lead to tyrants like behavior, and could lead to conflict One argument that can’t be missed is the fact that the constitutions sets forth a principle that states “consent of the governed” after further research this means that to imperialize and annex other islands would violate…show more content…
This may be more inclined to act in such a way at home in the United States. Having this kind of behavior in the current government could be a sign of a flawed government. The reason why the America is such a great nation is because they have a president every citizen over 18 can vote on who they think is the most reasonable candidate. But if the U.S starts adding all this land a president might start evolving into a Tyrant. Obviously this would set off a huge alarm because the reason the U.S was born was to gain freedom from a Tyrant. Annexation could lead to the result of the US involvement in the political and military issues. To avoid this kind of conflict, the only solution is to avoid imperialism if you want to take a risk and continue it could lead to these conflicts. At this time in history there is land up for grabs so the greater nation is trying to expand like Russia, Japan, Spain, and the U.S. The U.S is mostly concerned about annexing islands. Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama are all on the list of island the U.S are interested in From the evidence shown above this shows that imperialism is not the best option. Although it could lead to the spreading of U.S commerce it does not follow our constitution, it could lead to tyrant like behavior, and could lead to conflicts with other countries that might also be imperialist
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