Anti-Intellectualism In American Life

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The world is filled with diverse people with different intelligence levels. Some are smart in interpersonal and others are smart in nature. In high school, I used to be the smartest student. I attained 100% in all my assignments and tests because I was reading my books continuously at home and during school breaks. However, my friends thought I was doing too much and started calling me names like; nerd, boring, no fun life girl etc. Peers and some of my family thought I had nothing else to do with my life than to study.
Moreover, my friends were not the most intelligent but they were amusing, entertaining and awesome in class. Teachers appreciated them more in class. I wanted to be like them so I tried to get a bad grade in school just to
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In his first chapter, he defined anti-intellectualism as bitterness and doubt of life of the mind and those who are believed to denote it; and a character regularly to diminish the worth of that life. as he defines anti-intellectualism as "resentment and suspicion of the life of the mind and of those who are considered to represent it; and a character regularly to diminish the worth of that…show more content…
I remember in my former school in Qatar, there were different groups of people who sat together in groups from 1 to 5. Group 1 was the footballers and basketball players and all the entertainers. I was in group 4 which was for the nerds. We were more attracted to books and nature rather than parties and fashion because we liked learning. There was a huge gap between being popular and being a nerd and not everyone could be in group 1 unless they had poor grades and had an interest in sports or entertainment. Also, whenever the teachers passed by in school, they gave more attention to group 1 and 2s by laughing with them and encouraging them on achieving the best in life and left us to be alone as they thought we were already smart so we needed no motivation. We felt unloved and unadmired by everyone but we kept on studying and gaining 100% instead of
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