Anti Intellectualism Why We Hate The Smart Kids Summary

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In the reading, “Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids,” Grant Penrod recommends that there should be a different way to socialize amongst other individuals. This entire description explains the personal burdens that the intelligent scholars undergo. The ideas are as follows: author 's guilt celebrates, ideas held as standard when communicating, and on the bandwagon to get smart people worn down by the individuals that are against smart people. The author is afraid that people would not take the time out of their day to read or study for their classes. Claiming that bad influence towards education makes it resistant. Penrod’s argument may have several flaws, but overall it is effective because the reading he uses a few appeals throughout; however, not all of his appeals are trustworthy or objective at times, his appeals are still effective through the use of supporting sources, clear-cut thesis, and thought-provoking statements. Penrod claims that popular events are getting more recognition than needed compared to the intellectuals. From a personal perspective, this presents that there are still anti-intellectuals out there. According to a commentary by the screen name of “ArCaNe,” “Man how I hate nerds… if I ever had a tommygun with me… I would most probably blow each one of their… heads off.” In other words, the commentary has hatred towards intelligent individuals improving the point of anti-intellectualism. This quote is effective because
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