Anti-Islamic Hate Crimes

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On an early morning, three thousand people started their seemly normal day by filling out paperwork on their desk in the World Trade Center or making a quick coffee run three blocks over. The thought of their death never crossed their mind until an explosion rattled surrounding buildings and their lives. With four airplanes and nineteen hijackers, Al Qaeda targeted American soil with the intention of a gruesome war. The fall of the twin towers shocked the nation into a point of prejudice and anxiety. Due to the attacks on September 9, 2001, the United States deals with long lasting effects such as anti-Islamic hate crimes, shape of the new generation, and civil privacy issues. Even though Islam is the second largest religion in the world, people…show more content…
The American psyche has shifted for the fear of further aggression from terrorists (Poladian). These emotions can drive people to completely change daily routines and lifestyles such as social inept and career choice. Many American citizens have been swayed to choose a life in the military to feel a sense of security. Through enlisting in a military branch, a frightened society feel as if they are taking control of their own future instead of relying on the government to make protective decisions for themselves. Another effect of the lasting trauma includes posttraumatic stress disorder that has left victimized citizens, policeman, firefighter, and others trapped in their own seclusion. On the other hand, positive outcomes have been found underneath all the terrible negatives. Patriots’ grudge of fury has unified and anchored groups of people of different orientation. They wholeheartedly agree that extreme measures should be taken to keep the United States standing firm against other conflicting…show more content…
National Security has benefited the country by upgrading the budget to forty-three billion dollars to grant extra safety measures. Soon after 9/11, George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act to investigate terrorist activities by monitoring American phone and email conversations, bank records, and web searches. Also, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has added new baggage and passenger screenings to their protocol at airports. Many people believe that these programs ensure that the government could stop groups such as Al Qaeda in a rapid manner that can prevent further disasters. On the contrary, some people see the absence of confidentiality as a wedge of distrust between U.S. citizens and the White House. IBT Media talks about how America’s trust has fallen nineteen percent because of the lack of policy and the increase in political divide (Poladian). All things considered, terrorism is being handled whether a productive or crippling path is being taken. Faith may not be a quality shown by several Americans, but a process is clearly being taken over the years to establish an environment lead out of harm’s way. September 11th has left a tremendous scar on Wall Street and all of America. The effects of 9/11 has tested the people of this country in more forms than one. As Muslims face scrutiny and cruelty, Americans struggle with resentment and despair. For sixteen years

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