Is Polygamy A Crime

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Polygamy, is it a crime or a family lifestyle choice? Polygamy is the practice of having multiple spouses (male or female) at one time. Although, in the United States of America polygamy is a crime, many families are going public and making us aware that there are many families who practice this family lifestyle. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) currently practices polygamy in its religion. So, who does it affect and how? Anti-Polygamy groups think that a polygamy lifestyle could be a dangerous place for a wife or a child. They value a woman’s right’s and the innocence of a child. They believe that this lifestyle is a danger to a woman’s and a child’s self-esteem and self-respect. Polygamist…show more content…
Polygamist believe that it is their right to choose this lifestyle, just as someone who is gay chooses to enter a same sex marriage. With the legalization of same sex marriages, some polygamists are going public and taking their concerns to the government. They would like the government to legalize polygamy. Polygamy supporters claim that polygamy is a victimless crime. Some wives state that it teaches them to be more independent and strong. Wives state that this is a lifestyle they choose for themselves and they are not forced into it. They believe that they raise loving and respectful children. Their children are safe, are not forced into marriage at any age and certainly not into a marriage with someone they don’t want to marry. Some children raised in the polygamy setting choose to continue the lifestyle, but most want to live a monogamous life. The indifferent group really has no opinion for or against polygamy. If a number of consenting adults want to enter a relationship and live this lifestyle that is their choice. This is most likely a lifestyle the average person would not commit to, but they also see no harm in it if it does not affect them personally. This group may even be a little curious on how the family runs the day to day operations, how each wife interacts with each other, or how it effects the children. Yet, some in this group do have a valid concern about the
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