Anti Semitism: Classical And Modern Anti-Semitism

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Classical and modern Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is one of the oldest and longest racism in the human history. It has existed in various forms in the world since the ancient Roman Empire and has been such a large subject in racist history. According to Oxford English Dictionary, Anti-Semitism is “hostile to or prejudice against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.” In 1879, journalist Wilhelm Marr named the “Anti-Semitism” designate as the hatred of Jew, and also criticism of various liberal, cosmopolitan, and international political trends associated with Jews. We are generally known what Anti-Semitism is and how it affected in the past history such as Holocaust during World War II, then why we do not know much about it in the present. There are two types of Anti-Semitism: classical and modern Anti-Semitism. There were differences between them, although most of the roots of this discrimination were very similar to each other. The one of the differences between classical and modern Anti-Semitism is that Jews who were faced with classical Anti-Semitism were able to have access to Christian society, and they got a chance to convert and wipe out their sin of Jewishness, nevertheless, the more people believe Christianity, the more likely people get a different idea of Jews. Leaders of the European Christian developed the ideas that all Jews had responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus and the decentralization of Jews was punishment for
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