Anti Semitism In Modern Times Essay

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Anti-Semitism in Modern Times

I. Throughout history, Jews have been accused for most of the world's problems. This created a regular pattern of hostility directed toward Judaism. Over time, this hatred received the name anti-Semitism. It originated when Christianity was created. Christians blamed Jews for Jesus' suffering. The establishment of Israel as a nation allowed anti-Semites, people who express anti-Semitism, to direct it toward a particular nation. Anti- Semitism evolved over the years, becoming more violent and more obvious. After the Holocaust, anti-Semitism steadily decreased, however, during 2015-2016 anti-Semitism rapidly increased. Since the Holocaust, anti-Semitism has increased rapidly through physical destruction, personal attacks, and
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The Israeli-Palestinian war has brought back negative attitudes about Jews and Israel.

V. Since the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is still greatly expressed across Europe.

A. Germany continues to be anti-Semitic post World War Two
1. In 2014, Germany caused a wave of anti-Semitic events across Europe.
b. These acts include; burning of Israeli flags, boycotting Israeli goods, and bomb threats on Jewish schools.
B. In France, Jews have been attacked multiple times.
1. Jewish schools were burned down and Israeli academics have been removed from European schools.
C. Throughout Eastern Europe, Jews no longer feel safe.
1. Anti-Semitism has become more blatant causing Jews to feel insecure when publicly expressing their faith.
D. Many synagogues in Poland and Turkey have been bombed.
1. In September, 1991, The Warsaw Synagogue in Poland was attacked.
2. In 2003, many synagogues were bombed in Turkey.
E. Many people have also expressed anti-Semitic views.
1. José Samago, a Portuguese writer, compared Israel to Nazi Germany
2. Composer, Mikis Theodorakis, called Jews, "the root of all the world's evil."
3. Daniel Bernard, a French Ambassador, was heard saying Israel is "a crappy little
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