Anti-Semitism In Remember The Titans

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About a year and a half ago, my brother and I were at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp during the summer. I was talking with one of my buddies in the camp about the religion I practice, when suddenly a camp counselor tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and he had the most utterly confused look on his face I’d ever seen. He actually asked me without a doubt in his mind, “Wait? If you’re Jewish then where's your horns?” When other kids heard him ask me they wondered as well and for some reason started to actually throw pennies at me. Ok...why do kids my age randomly have pennies in their pockets and what are you supposed to say in that situation? A few hours later, I found out that they thought Jews were just devils in disguise. I still think about this situation today and I can’t help…show more content…
The 2000 film Remember the Titans does an amazing job with the extreme social issue of discrimination. In the film, Herman Boone had just been hired to be the new football coach of T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. The school had just been told to integrate so the whites and blacks all go to the same school now, as well as go on the same bus. Coach Boone and the former head coach Bill Yoast both go up to football camp with the new team. While they are up there, the team learns the meaning of working as a team no matter what color you are. When they get back from camp, the football team has to remember to act as a team rather than fanatics by coercion from their parents. They also have to fight through the discrimination of the black players and having a black coach. They learn to stick as a team and even band together when Gary Bertier, one of the head players, paralyzes his legs. This all illustrates that by forcing integration, Coach Boone was able to get his team to work together, and the team learned on their own that they’re not so different after
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