Anti Slavery In America Essay

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During the 1808-1861, the slavery in America is a really big issue that cause many problem that come afterward. I believed that every men and women are born equally from god. We should have our own life, liberties, and opportunities to live in a better life. However, when the slavery started to appear into our society, many controversy and conflict also come as a result of slavery. In the book, “The Neglected Period of Anti-Slavery in America” of Alice Dana Adams, he wrote an interesting quote from David Benedict, saying that “The existence of slavery in a country is calculated to awaken all the propensities of human nature, whether good or bad.” This show that slavery is a cause of many problem. So I strongly believe that slavery is immoral…show more content…
Since every people are born with nothing, it mean that they are equal. So they should be equal and have the same rights and opportunities. The slaves also a human being, we cannot treat them as a property or an animal. We have to show respect to them as what we what other to pay respect toward us. If we refer back to the beginning of the colonies, when we are under the Great Britain, we were also treated as slave of their county. We have to follow everything that the British said. I do not like it and I also believe that every American also fell the same. That the reason why we declare independence from the Great Britain. We want to have freedom and liberty. In addition, the treatment of the slave’s owner on their slave also immoral. The slave’s owners only view them as a property. They use force and other kinds of aggressive punishment on their slaves to make the slave follow their instruction. They think of themselves as a lord and the slave as a servants. This is wrong, we have to think in an opposite direction. If one day, we happen to be a slave. How are we going to fell about it? Obviously, if I become a slave, I do not want to suffer from the humiliation and the bad living condition. So there should be no slavery allow in America to prevent people from suffering from this immoral

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