Anti Suffrage Argument

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Throughout American society, Women have been downgraded in the face of men. In america’s past, women were seen purely as housewives, and had no place in a higher position. Today women have many more rights, putting them on much more equal terms as men. With this, women have shown their capabilities and their worth to society, leading its progression, and proving that the arguments of the anti-suffrage movement were initially the opposite of what women could really do. The arguments that women’s place is only at home and that men have the sole job of running government and society has been proven wrong by women in contemporary society. One of the main arguments of the anti-suffrage movement was that the women’s place was at home. Without women at the house, society would crumble without anyone raising their children. One anti suffrage document stated “Man’s political service to the state is counterbalanced by woman’s service in the home. If there were no families and no homes, there would be no State.”(2). Anti suffrage advocates believed that women held down the family portion of society, and that in turn gave them an important role. Today’s women easily out do that argument. Even though women are still primarily the caretaker of the family, they perform that job by doing so much more that just being a stay at home mom. “About 41 percent of mothers are primary breadwinners…show more content…
Anti-suffrage advocates believed women were less than men and therefore should do “women 's work” like holding down the house. In only around a century the beliefs and values of american society changed, so that women were given equal rights as men. Women not only hold equal rights as men, the first step to equalization, but more and more women are using them to their advantage to help lead our nation. Women have progressed from low nothing, house ridden wives, to lead our country on equal footing as men in only a
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