Anti Vaccination Research Paper

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The Choice is Obvious Over the past decade, a new movement has been prevalent in the United States targeting vaccinations. This movement is known as the Anti-Vaccination movement. Vaccinations are a complex and counterfactual subject that are actually quite difficult to comprehend for some individuals. A main component of vaccines is the concept of herd immunity which merely states that you need a high percentage of a population to get vaccinated in order to protect against outbreaks. Once again, the topic of vaccinations is extremely counterfactual. Hypothetically speaking, if an outbreak of smallpox erupts in a population that contains a high percentage of individuals who have been given the smallpox vaccine, then the concept of herd immunity says that the spread of smallpox will be contained. What I am trying to explain is that you need a high population of immunized individuals for herd immunity to properly function. So, if this trend of parents refusing to vaccinate their children increases, then diseases like polio that we have eradicated through vaccines could hypothetically show up again in populations where…show more content…
A huge belief I have as to why these parents are not vaccinating is that they are not realizing the detrimental effects that measles had on children back when vaccines were not invented. The idea of childhood and infancy death is purposely being ignored because it is not relevant to this time period. Unvaccinated children are evidently more prone to catch and spread disease which is why this idea of not vaccinating children is unethical. Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are making their children more susceptible these deadly diseases. This not only affects their children but children around them too. That being said, children will die if the trend of refusing to vaccinate children
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