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The anti-violence against women and their children act will educate the women and their children about their rights in the society and how they can exercise or use their rights whenever they will be discriminated, harassed, or whenever they are harmed. Individuals who are proven guilty of abuse or violence against women and their children shall be placed behind bars. In addition to imprisonment, according to the Philippine Commission on Women, the perpetrator shall (a) pay a fine in the amount of not less than One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) but not more than three hundred thousand pesos (300,000.00); (b) undergo mandatory psychological counseling or psychiatric treatment and shall report compliance to the court.
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As cited by Schlafly, VAWA uses a definition of domestic violence that blurs the difference between violent action and run-of-the-mill marital tiffs and arguments. Definitions of abuse can even include minor insults and refusing to help with child care or housework. There have been several VAW cases filed through the years which resulted to high rates of divorce, annulment, legal separation, and the like since the VAW officers’ advice women who are victims of abuse that separation is the best option to take. This is because the legal definition of abuse or violence is unjust since almost anything counts as partner violence- raising one’s voice, an honest airing of differences, and even possessiveness all invite legal intervention. In spite of this, according to the results of the survey, majority answered that the anti-violence against women and their children (act) services and programs
Therefore, the anti-violence against women and their children (act) services and program is beneficial to the female members of society. Since it paved them the way to have equal access on resources and they are given several health benefits which not only them can profit but their children as well. A number of women also claim that through this act they felt secure and protected since they know that there is an act present to protect and safeguard women and their

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