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What type of bacteria or fungi or found on hands. There are ways to find out what lives on your hand one is taking a swab form your hand and put it on a petri dish allow thing to grew. This lab we found mainly yeast as for the fungi petri dish and for bacteria there was Staphylococcus epidermidis on the hand. So, after doing all of this we learned that there are many things living on your hand and that most of them are harmful. The thing that we found are commonly found in every hand and don’t harm us if indigested.
The different soaps have different effects on the bacteria and fungus that are found in the hand. Antibacterial soaps are help for not spreading the bad bacteria but it also kills the helpful bacteria that are beneficial for hands. The author Remy Melina say that we “needs bacteria to maintain a healthy, balanced environment on your skin…” (paragraph 6). Antibacterial soap can be good in the healthcare settings. The author’s in Blank Children’s Hospital say that “antibacterial cleaning products are effective in healthcare settings” (paragraph 4). The fungus is affected by antibacterial soap by kill them and prevention “holes up
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During the evaluation period in which we where to look at the clusters most petri dish did grow anything which caused most people to get most result form the their group members. The big picture of this lab was for us to understand that antibacterial soap in not good to use all the time and that there is beneficial to our skin and body. So the people that didn’t use antibacterial soap had greater grow in bacteria and fungus so the people that would just use water would have more to find. In the end we should not buy soap soaps or hand sanitizer just because it say that is going to kill bacteria on hands. It does more harm to your hand instead of good for

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