Antibiotic Stewardship Case Study

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Running head: ANTIBIOTIC STEWARDSHIP ANTIBIOTIC STEWARDSHIP 2 Antibiotic Stewardship Kasha Christopherson Baus BSN, RN, FNP-s & Shelle Lanning BSN, RN, FNP-s Dr. Jenna Herman DNP, APRN, FNP-C, Project Chair Susan Smith DNP, APRN, PNP, FNP-BC, Faculty Consultant University of Mary, Bismarck, North Dakota Implementation of an Antibiotic Stewardship Program Antibiotic resistance is a risk to public health; for individuals, within communities, nationally, and globally. Patients who utilize antibiotics that are inappropriately prescribed may not receive any benefit clinically, yet may be susceptible to adverse events as a result of the use, or misuse, of antibiotics (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). Furthermore,…show more content…
The question must represent the broad inquiry into a system process and/or approach to care which benefits healthcare for the population instead of the single individual. PICO questions must be clearly understood and have definitive criteria to produce quality findings. Many questions are proposed and go straight to the heart of an issue. Other questions may step outside of the box to understand whether or not a practice originally implemented to produce a particular result may have the additional benefit or a greater impact on another aspect of care. The PICO question can be broken down into the framework of the population identified, the intervention, the comparison and the outcome. The proposed PICO question for this project is stated…show more content…
Initially there was a lack of a consistent infectious disease provider. However, the physician lead and PharmD previously identified have great interest, support and enthusiasm for the subject. This greatly reduces barriers that may otherwise complicate the project. The EHR is the MediTech (6) software system. This system is not as user friendly or as capable of electronic integration and sharing compared to other more robust systems. There is difficulty incorporating defined measurables to demonstrate outpatient stewardship compliance within the current reporting system. There is current use of multiple applications to extract and track data without complete integration between the applications causing for manual entry and potential for input error. Currently there is suboptimal prescribing practices by ED providers potentiated by concern of missing a diagnosis. This is common phenomenon among ED providers and is greater among this group due to limited patient follow up (Shallcross et al., 2016). It is anticipated that implementation of order sets utilizing current standards and guidelines will help diminish this

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