Anticipatory Grief Model Case Study

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The connotative definition of anticipatory grief was synthesized from the identified attributes above and is defined as follows: Anticipatory grief is an emotional status caused by the perception of a determined loss, but not limited to a determined death. The timing of anticipatory grief occurs prior to, but not at the time of or after, the loss. Its intensity is associated with the degree of personal or relational dependency, closeness or attachment to the person or the thing. Model case A model case is a clear example of the concept including all the defining attributes of the concept (Walker & Avant, 1995). Model case A A woman has lived with her husband for more than forty years. He was diagnosed with stage 4 of lung cancer last month.…show more content…
(2016) study. This study indicated that pre-transplant patients can experience anticipatory grief for their donor. Patients have not met their donors, but they experience anticipatory grief related to their own death and the death of their donor regardless of the dependency and closeness to the person. Related case A related case represents the concept but it does not contain the critical attribute (Walker & Avant, 1995). Related case A A 75 year-old homeless man was diagnosed with diabetes. He felt a pain in the left foot two days prior and was admitted to an emergency center. His left foot became necrotic and amputation was necessary. He was informed about the amputation need. However, he seemed blunted, even though the doctor said he will lose his left foot. He ignored the doctor and just left the hospital. Three critical attributes of anticipatory grief are: i) the timing before happening the occurrence, ii) being informed or obtaining notice about anticipated loss and acknowledge that it is a fact, and iii) having symptoms of grief. This related case A omitted having symptoms of grief such as sorrow, anger, and sadness. Related case B A woman who lost her son several years ago still experience depression and isolation. This related case B is an exemplar case of bereavement and did not contain the timing before happening the
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