Anticivilization Emotions In Horror Movies

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I concur with King that we play host to anticivilization emotions and this explains why people can crave horror movies. There is some level of darkness in us, but, at most times, this dark side is eclipsed by the increased emphasis on civilization. King (2013) cites the case of emotions related to friendship, loyalty, love, and kindness to show how the society adore civilization and strive at maintaining the status quo. However, this does not entirely suppress the dark side in us. “Anticivilization emotions don’t go away and they demand periodic exercise”(King, 2013). Therefore, horror movies present a perfect opportunity for these emotions to exercise. I am an ardent fan of horror films, and I can relate to this argument. Exploring the Dark Side in US…show more content…
There is always a feeling that one intends to satisfy, and the feeling is usually vibrant when one is about to watch the film. One is intrinsically triggered to prepare him/herself psychologically for a series of frightening events. Although one can be frightened to the extent of cringing, closing his/her eyes or seeking physical contact with the person seated next, the feeling is still sparkling. One is entertained by the disturbing effects and the generated terror, shock, suspense, and mystery. Again, one can relate to the events. For example, despite the love for scary movies, we are afraid of torture or even death. This is a fact that makes the films even more engaging as they retain some aspects of personal
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