Antigone: A True Hero

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Antigone is a proven hero in Ancient Greek Literature. She has a strong sense of morals when it comes to following the people’s laws or the laws of the Gods. She has a profound braveness and is not afraid to act for the sake of what is right, no matter the consequence. Antigone shows that she is a hero with her honor. More specifically the honor she is giving to her family. Antigone is a hero who lives by her honor, morals, and bravery. Antigone has strong morals, she knows what is right and wrong and is not afraid to act upon it. Some people would say that Antigone was reckless. While it may have been a little reckless it was the right decision. In the closing of the play, the leader of the chorus says “Good sense is crucial to human happiness.…show more content…
This was not how Antigone thought, she clearly loved her brother and wanted the best for him both in life on Earth and in the Underworld. She told Keron “I’d never let any man’s arrogance bully me into breaking the gods’ laws” (Sophocles lines 496 and 497). This may sound like Antigone showing her morals, but it is in the form of honor. She is telling Keron that the Gods require bodies to be properly buried to be admitted into the Underworld and that the Laws of the Gods and the honor of her family come before the laws made by Keron. Antigone’s Honor is fueled by her anger towards Keron and the way he treated Eteokles and Polyneikes differently. Antigone tells Ismene “It’s Keron. The way he’s treated our brothers. Hasn’t he buried one with honor? But he’s shamed the other” (Sophocles, lines 27-29). Just like her morals, Antigone knew that her family’s honor was a top priority from the beginning of the tragedy. Antigone’s Actions are to make up for the honor that Polyneikes did not receive from
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