Antigone And Kreon Character Analysis

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In Sophocles’ play Antigone, both Antigone and Kreon are admirable characters throughout the play, but both for different reasons. Both of their actions made them admirable characters. Antigone believed that her brother, Polyneices, should be honored by having a burial and a proper tomb. Whereas Kreon believed the complete opposite, he didn’t want a burial or a tomb for his son and in a sense didn’t believe that he deserved one. However, they have similarities in the sense that Kreon ultimately came around to the idea of burying Polyneices and believed that what Antigone wanted to do, and ended up doing, was the right thing for his son. Even though it took some convincing he did end up coming around to the idea. However, Antigone was very passionate about her decision in burying him from the beginning, whereas with Kreon he was extremely against it until he was convinced and realized that it actually was the right thing to do.
Antigone is an admirable character for a few different reasons, but something that sets her apart from the others is that she
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Antigone would like for Polyneices to be honored by having him buried and having an appropriate tomb for him. However, Kreon wants the opposite for him, he is very much against burying Polyneices and will do everything in his power, including killing Antigone to get what he wants. It is not until the very end that he has come around to the idea and realizes that he should set Antigone free and construct a tomb for his son. Both Antigone and Kreon are admirable for different reasons, Antigone for being willing and brave to go against Kreon’s wishes and Kreon for finally realizing that what he thought was right was actually in the end not the right thing. In the end, Kreon also believes that it is his choices that made his wife and his son, Haemon, to kill them. He fully blamed his actions on their
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