Antigone And Men And Creon Analysis

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Tragedy of Comparison
The claim is made that to know oneself you have to try and understand others. Moreover, many individuals in today's society compare themselves to everyone around them, striving to be like another person. As can be expected, this is common with those who are knowledgeable on literature. When reading and analyzing texts it is and can be a difficult task comparing the morality of a character's opinions and actions. The clashing fictional characters Creon and Antigone from the tragedy Antigone and George from Of Mice and Men all have their flaws but it goes without saying that one is morally superior. One of the great dramatists of Ancient Greek, Sophocles wrote the tragedy, Antigone. FIlled with dramatic irony and a stubborn tragic hero the play follows the storyline of Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus. Oedipus’ death leaves the choice of two sons taking the throne, one loyal and one deemed a traitor. These being part of Antigone’s family, she is saddened by the fact that she virtually has to choose who her loyalty will extend to. Her actions from there on out prove several things. First,
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The King of thebes, and uncle of Antigone is Creon. What should be deemed as significant is the known fact that Creon is also related the brother he deemed to have “[spilt] the blood of his blood and [sold] his own people to slavery” (Sophocles, Antigone). Off the bat, this observance shows the value of resume over eulogy virtues being effective to the argument that he is morally inferior, at least to the other three characters. The ideology that Creon has caused him to be incapable of feeling sympathetic for others. Therefore, another individual should never try to morally imitate him whatsoever because of this . Basically sending family to eternal damnation is a complete low compared to Antigone, one who broke the law due to her
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