Antigone Creon Analysis

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In the play Antigone by Sophocles one central idea behind the play is the guilt that Creon's life has put him at. In the beginning, Creon is shown to be a horrible, stubborn, and ignorant king to his citizens in Thebes, but over the course of the ply one can tell that he has a made a big impact to his peers and he’s realized what he has done is wrong in the world. Antigone, who is a strong, power, young girl, stood up to someone of a higher power of her and she stood up for what she thought was right; Creon didn’t budge and listened to himself, ignoring other opinions. By not taking in any opinions into consideration something bad was going to come, Creon was indulging Antigone in making the choice about whether state laws come first, over family.By the end of the play it…show more content…
Now, Haemon is dead because of his father disappearing Antigone, and what she believed in. The messenger announced, “[Eurydice] drove home to the heart with her own hand” as she killed herself after knowing her son was dead. (Line 1439) Eurydice loved her son and by making the choice of killing herself symbolizes the hate she had against her husband and his decisions. She never wanted her son dead, and seeing him dead only led to her hating Creon more. In the beginning everyone of Thebes was on the side of Antigone but the protagonist switched roles by the end, people felt bad for Creon and his poor choice making. It was too late when he made the decision of letting Antigone free, “I'll set her free myself. I am's best to keep the established laws to the very day we die”. He has finally acknowledged and taken in all the opinions that people have told him, but it was too late. Everyone he has ever cared about is now dead, he didn’t mean for anyone to kill themselves, he just wanted to make sure his voice got across and that he was better and right about
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