Antigone Creon Value Analysis

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Core values impact choices greatly, and in the play Antigone they may have impacted choices that led to the fatalities of Creon's entire family. Creon had a strong hatred for traitors and it definitely showed in the choices he made. Also he saw the city he rules as more important than his family and it was clearly evident in the choices he made. Then there was Creon's untrusting nature that caused him to make choices he would later regret. Creon's core values heavily impacted his decisions throughout the play and changed his life forever. Creon was the leader of Thebes and he took his job very seriously. He wanted to have all of his citizens be loyal to him and respect his rule. This wish led Creon to a strong hatred for traitors,…show more content…
Again this accusation made by Creon was false, however later Ismene was let go after Antigone convinced Creon that Ismene had nothing to do with the burial of Polyneices. In scene five Creon was again letting his untrusting nature impede his judgment. During his conversation with the prophet, Teiresias, he was untrusting of the prophet and verbally accused him of being a “wise man” who “sells his wisdom.” This accusation made after Teiresias had given Creon his prophecy which had not looked to good. Again letting his untrusting self get in the way he hurt an old friend by accusing him of seeking money in exchange for his wisdom. Creon often let his untrusting nature get the better of him, and this caused him to make choices that would weaken relationships between some of his closest allies. To conclude, in the play Antigone Creon, the ruler of Thebes, had his core values impact his choices which led to his entire family's fatalities. Creon's hatred for traitors played a bug role in these choices. Also impacting Creon's choices greatly was his valuing his beloved city more than he valued his
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