Antigone Fate Vs Free Will Research Paper

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In Sophocles’s book ”Antigone”, He contemplates the Idea Fate vs. Free will.The characters in the splay battle with a great predicament that lead up to a twist at the end of the story leaving the readers shook and wondering .In Antigone,She is put in difficult situation where she could defy the king and bury her brother .Therefore leading her to be executed or she can be dishonorable to her beloved brother.She chooses to defy the king and at the end,we uncover her suicide.In Antigone,Antigone ‘s and Creon’s fate had led to their to doom just like Oedipus,Jocasta and Lauis. In the beginning of the story Antigone asks her sister Ismene to bury her brother Polynices.Ismene having the right conscience at the time had told her sister she would be defying Creon and tried talked her out of the nonsensical idea.Antigone being the Obstinate girl she is was not willing to change her heart, Ismene: “You are mad! When Creon has forbidden it ?”(Sophocles 3). Antione: “From my own he has no to stay me “ (Sophocles 3).Fate plays an important role in the beginning scene because Antigone's heart was destined to bury her brother.She did not care if she was going to perish.She did not even care to live because she had felt bereft from her family's death.Fate…show more content…
He still refuses to listen.The blind prophet Tiresias tells him,he will have a doomed fate if he does not free antigone.Creon,convinced by the senator,decides to free Antigone Creon:”What should I do ?”Speak,I will hearken” (Sophocles 59). Senator:”Set free the maiden from the vault and build a tomb for the dead outcast” (Sophocles 59).Creon finally realized his error,but he was too late.He finds out Antigone, his son Haemon and his wife had taken their lives.Messenger: Haemon is no more;His life blood spilt by no stranger’s hand” (Sophocles
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