Antigone Greed Quotes Analysis

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In Antigone, and the rest of the world, emotions can control your actions. If you do not keep your emotions in check, especially when making an important decision, rash actions could be made. Acting rashly can lead to some pretty harsh consequences, even in a seemingly simple situation. Greed can be classified as several different ways, good or bad, right or wrong, and so on. Eteocles was greedy, and he wanted the throne that he promised to share with his brother to himself. He banished his brother Polyneices, and, in turn, started a war against his brother. Due to this display of greed, both of the brothers died in the end of the war. Being proud is not a fault, however letting that pride get in the way of reasoning and common sense, can lead to an undesirable outcome. Creon was proud in the cause Eteocles was fighting for, however he despised that Polyneices fought against it. So he made a law that Polyneices could not receive his rightful burial as Greek law stated. Antigone would not accept this law, as she was proud of her brother, even though it damaged Creon’s pride. So Creon ordered her execution. Due to this showing of pride that abandons reason, Creon’s son killed himself.…show more content…
Antigone loved both of her brothers dearly. Due to this love, she could not let one of her brothers go unburied, even though she was to be executed for committing the crime. Haemon loved Antigone, and when Creon ordered Antigone to be executed, he committed suicide as a display of his affections for Antigone. In Antigone, as well as everywhere else, emotions can and will take control of actions. But when you let emotions overrun you, anything could happen. It is not a bad thing to have or express these emotions, in fact it is bad to keep them all bottled up inside. But letting emotions take over and block reasoning out, then undesirable outcomes are sure to
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