Antigone Movie Analysis

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In this short essay you will read about, the comparison between the play “Antigone” and “Erin Brockovich.” Antigone is a play based on the death and burial of Antigone’s brother Polyneices. Erin Brockovich is a movie based mostly on the hards times of being a single mother. In the following paragraph I will be comparing the conflicts, injustices, and discrimination, that each Antigone and Erin Brockovich face as the course of the play/movie progresses. Antigone faces many conflicts during the play. I will be stating and explaining four conflicts that Antigone faced. The first conflict that Antigone faced was a individual vs. society conflict. Antigone fought the establishment in order to expose an unjust law. Not only is she battling Creon, who decrees that Polyneices should not be buried, Antigone battles the social…show more content…
Another reason is because she is a single mother with three kids. Last one I am going to state in this essay is because of the way she talks. Her language is very dirty (she says a lot of curse words.) Erin Brockovich faced a few of conflicts/injustice that I will explain, in the beginning of the movie Erin was in a vehicle crash with a doctor, she took him to court, but because he is a doctor the judge believed that it was her fault. Desperate for income Erin was in search for a job, she went to many places looking for employment but nobody would hire her. She went into the lawyer office that fought with her against the doctor, to get a job. He would not hire her and she said “I am not leaving until I have a job.” He then gave her a job with no benefits. Erin was willing to take whatever steps to prove herself. She was tired of always being in the office, so she decided to investigate further on the case involving “PG&E” which is the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. A personal belief Erin had was to always help
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