Antigone Movie And Play Comparison Essay

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Watching the movie John Q after reading the play Antigone by Sophocles, at first glance the two look completely opposite. But digging deeper into the storyline and themes can prove they have many similarities! Some of these similarities are the characters in the stories, the conflicts that take place, and the themes throughout both the movie and the play.

Characters paragraphs:
The first character similarity you will find it one that is quite obvious, the fact that the two characters both have the movie or play named after them should be a big hint. Antigone and John Q are both alike in many ways. For example how they both stand up against the law for what they believe is the right thing, they both own up to their law breaking, and they both get in trouble anyway even though other people agree with what they have done. In Antigone, the main character Antigone’s two brothers are killed at war. While one is allowed to get a proper burial however her other brother cannot be buried because it’s against the law. So she goes against the
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Antigone has the two themes of losing someone you love and going against the law for what is right, and so does John Q. Like previously said, Antigone has lost someone very important to her, her brother. John Q is also in the process of losing his son which is very close to him. Them losing someone they love is the main focus of the story and makes the characters do what they do. For the theme going up against the government, Antigone sprinkles dirt over her brother’s body and is caught. This is against the law because King Creon didn’t want anyone to mourn over a trader, yet Antigone still does it for her brother. John Q goes up against the government so that the doctor will perform surgery on his dying son by holding the hospital hostage. These two events are so major that they are the cause the theme for the whole play and
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