Antigone Persuasion Analysis

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There are three types of persuasion techniques. They are logos the appeal to reason. Another is pathos, the appeal to emotion. Third ethos , which is the persuasive appeal of one’s character. This rhetoric act is used by characters to change a different character’s mind. If combined effectively, the story is very persuasive. The characters king Creon and Haimon, his son try to convince the other to accept their opinion with a lengthy speech each. Haimon uses logos to try and persuade his father into letting Antigone live. He used logos in “Father, gods instill good sense in men,” this says that all people have some sort of logics or reasoning for their actions and that what Antigone did was not wrong. He uses this to make Creon realize Haimon’s opinion and side of the situation. Haimon is wise for his age and shows his father Creon, that he can have his father change his mind and plan for Antigones death. Haimon’s speech to his father had an impact on the way things turned out because of the logos technique displayed by him. Another logos method is when he lets his father know that “This is no city which belongs to one man.” It’s true because the city may get upset if Creon tries to make all decisions without discussing it with others. He also brings up that age does not matter…show more content…
Haimon and Creon’s speeches are effective because they use some of the rhetoric styles. If you incorporate all of the rhetoric styles in a speech then it becomes very persuasive. Haimon was the most successful in using the rhetoric devices that is why I picked Haimon. But in the end he lost because he has no power. They both wanted the same thing which is for one another to agree with the other is doing right. Haimon is trying to do the right thing by telling his father his opinion. If he keeps using logic then Creon would try to follow what he’s trying to say and people will also think better of him as
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