Antigone Persuasive Speech

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Have you ever wanted to make a situation right for someone else, so much that you would do anything to fix it for them? When a person cares a lot for someone they love, a family member for example, they often times would sacrifice anything for them to be happy again. In Antigone by Sophocles, the main character Antigone gets sentenced to death by the King Creon after disobeying him for giving her brother Polyneices, a proper burial that she believed he deserved. Creon thought he should be left out in the sun for his body to rot, to make up for his act of treason. Antigone made a sacrifice for her brother that she also tried to convince her sister Ismene to join in on. Haimon and Teiresias defend Antigone and demanded for her freedom. Antigone, Haimon, and Teiresias all use logical and emotional appeals to be persuasive towards a goal. Antigone uses logical and emotional appeals to persuade Ismene to go against Creon’s words and help bury Polyneices with her. Creon has officially made the decision that he is not going to bury Polyneices which angers Antigone. Antigone needs help to reach her goal and she says to Ismene, “You may do as you like, since apparently the laws of the Gods mean nothing to you (Sophocles, et al. 192).” Ismene is hesitant to agree with Antigone and join her in this task because she does not want to break the law and go against Creon’s words. Antigone is making Ismene feel…show more content…
Each of these characters tried to convince a different character in the book to help them and all scenarios defended another character significantly. These characters were being selfless and made sacrifices because they wanted their families to be happy and the only person keeping them from that, was Creon. Making a sacrifice to protect family allows relationships to grow which is what is needed for a loved one’s happiness to exist and problems to

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