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I completely agree with the thoughts and point of view of Antigone over those of Creon in the play Antigone . I'm choosing the side of Antigone because I see her as more of a protagonist and creon more as the antagonist, she has the better point of views, and I think that her thoughts on her brother's burial were more sane and humane. It was also her brother that they were fighting about and she has the right to say what they should do. This paper explains my views on why I think that Antigone had the better point of view. Antigone was completely and utterly right through the whole book and creon was completely wrong. So, we have to start out with the main story and why everyone is arguing. Antigone's brother Polyneices has died and they are trying to decide on how to bury his body. Antigone finds her uncle Creon’s laws unjust and wants to have her brother buried because she believes in the laws of God. Creon strongly believes in the political and social order of things. He has let the royalty go to his mind and it's all he cares for. He is letting the power go to his head and turn always from his family. This makes me see him as the antagonist in the book. The first thing that creon does is place a band on…show more content…
Antigone strongly disagreed with Creon and his ways of thinking. She thought that all of his power and fame were going to his head. She thought that her brother was a hero for going and dying on the battlefield and that he should have a proper burial. She believed that he should be traditionally buried and not looked down soon like a villain of some sorts. Through the play of Antigone she shows her point of view by being very respectful but well worded at the same time. She was a strong willed and minded. Throughout this play she never tries to play the role of a man just stay strong minded. She stands up to Creon rather than letting him walk on here when most people would be intimidated by such a

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